Learn how to use Flipwit and get the most of its features; from its installation and integration with Powerpoint to the use of all its tools  to catch the attention of  your audience.  Our video tutorials will give you details from each of its features giving you the chance to watch them as many times as needed.

If you still have doubts please contact us  through our chat in working hours, or through our contact form.  We will be pleased to give you all the assistance you need.  

Video Tutorials

How to install flipwit

Learn how to install Flipwit in your Windows computer and how to integrate it with Powerpoint. Don't be afraid of the process we will explain everything to you.

How to save a presentation on the cloud with Flipwit

All the slides that you connect with Flipwit will get store on your account. Get access to them from any device and at anytime without using your PC.

How to create a slide with questions in a Powerpoint presentation

¡No more boring slides! Learn how to create an interactive slides with a question and multiple answers to promote the participation of your audience through real time polls.

How to get your audience connected to your presentation with Flipwit

Learn how to identify the code of your presentation and teach your audience how to use their mobile devices to get connected to your presentation. No downloading needed!

How to insert a slide to help your audience to get connected to your presentation

GEt an extra help in the moment to welcome your audience! Invite them to get connected to your presentation inserting a slide with a conexion code

How to insert a web page on your powerpoint presentation with Flipwit

Use Flipwit to add to your slides content from external web pages.
It's like having your own web browser inside your slides. Useful to add interactive forms, maps, diagrams, videos, databases, etc.