¿What is the secret to be a good teacher?

¿What is the secret to be a good teacher?


As a teacher everyone have the need of feeling that is making a great job and that is changing lives; nevertheless we also know that is not easy to come to that point.   Your knowledge of pedagogy, charm and vocation are essential assets, but is also true that experience is the main factor to refine us as teachers and get connected with our students or audiences.

Experience give us the chance to learn through trial and error that you should “gain” the trust of your class to get the best results and also which elements could motivate and which ones could distract. However, all the groups are different making even more difficult to find the right strategies to foster a learning environment. Considering that is not easy to find and combine all the elements to be successful, you need passion to be a teacher and overcome all the challenges that this profession poses.

The new educational trends bring new challenges and opportunities to improve our performance, even if it is not easy to adapt us to the requirements that these methodologies bring. That is why is important to cultivate habits that ease our tasks and also incorporate technologies and strategies to facilitate the process.

On this post we share an infographic with 10 habits that could help to improve our performance; and also bring the human and emotional dimension to teaching.

We hope you find it useful and we welcome any further ideas for publication in a future issue.